Initial Instructions

Below I have written instructions on how to authenticate into the Inpixon training site and how to access the current course material.  The challenge most people have, is you must create an account for yourself and then also enroll in the course.  Most potential students are forgetting the second step so please proceed with the instructions once you've made your account.  I'd recommend that you finish reading the instructions before beginning the process.


To get to the site, click here:


Click the "Create New Account" button.




The new account screen appears.  You must create a username and password so that you can login to the site in the future.  Answer all the required questions.  


Once you click the "create new account" button, you will be sent an email to confirm the account.  



Now when you go to the main site page, you have a valid user name and password allowing you to login to the site,  Once you type in your username and password, click on the "greater than sign" on the right to login.


Now that you are logged in the course is presented and you need to "click to enter the course."



The enrollment key field appears.  The enrollment key for this course should have been provide to you when you were first invited to take the class.  If you don't have it, please email me at  Once you have the enrollment key, type it into this field.



You don't have to create an account ever again, just hold onto your username and password.  There is also a link if you forget your password to have it sent to your email address.  

 Now that you are in the course, you may watch the videos on the Visual Workbench.  In the future there will be quizzes, surveys, certificates, et cetera.  Currently the program is in a beta mode.  

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at



Last modified: Friday, 26 October 2018, 4:18 PM