Inpixon Aware Administrator Course

This course is designed for end-users and partners who are responsible for both the day to day operations and higher level administrative functions of an Inpixon Aware system. This course covers the day to day system monitoring tools plus the Administrative and Reporting functions of the Aware system.  Topics include: setting up site infrastructure, adding and calibrating maps, scanning and configuring sensors, appointing channel discovery mode, upgrading sensor firmware, establishing zones, building alerts, and creating system user accounts.  

There are no prerequisites for the course, but a proper understanding of basic computer concepts and the ability to navigate web pages, links, and online content is required.  This course will run on a tablet, cell phone, or desktop computer, but It is recommended that the student has a screen large enough that they are comfortable and able to read the material provided.   

At the end of the course students who pass the exams with the required score will receive a certificate.  

Instructor: Scott Chillemi