Map Icon Setup, Styling and Export Process Course

The Map Icon Setup, Styling and Export Process Course covers a critical portion of the material required for success when implementing maps with Inpixon products.  This course is independent of the Map Digitization Course.  Although many students will be required to take both courses, some students will be asked to only take this course depending upon their job description and objectives.

The goal of this course is to distribute the relevant materials, which the student is encouraged to keep for reference after the course, and to allow the student to prove general competency through an exam.  Once the student completes the exam, the course will email them a certificate.  This certificate can be provided as evidence of course completion.  

A student completing the course has shown they have the materials and can answer questions using the materials as reference.  

The course has no prerequisites although knowledge and access to Adobe Illustrator will be required to implement the concepts presented.  If you have any questions about the materials, please contact me at

Instructor: Scott Chillemi