Inpixon Aware Troubleshooting Course

The Inpixon Aware Troubleshooting course is designed for end-users and partners who are responsible for the initial installation and continued maintenance of Inpixon Aware.  It is a collection of ideas and suggestions that come directly from those with field experience.  Once you graduate from this course, if you discover a solution that should be added, please contact me at  We want this course to be a conduit of knowledge from those who have it to those who are relatively new and can quickly benefit.  

It is required to have taken the Aware Administrator and Aware Installation Course prior to this one.  It would also make sense to have worked with the product for approximately six months so you have some practical experience and can benefit from the detailed nature of this course.  This is not an enforced or tracked requirement, just a recommendation.  Linux knowledge is a huge plus, but not required.  This course is not an introduction to Aware or the underlying technologies, other courses are available with those objectives.  

This course will run on a tablet, cell phone, or desktop computer, but It is recommended that the student has a screen large enough that they are comfortable and able to read the material provided.   

At the end of the course, students who pass with the required score will receive a certificate. 

Instructor: Scott Chillemi