Sensor Placement - Practical Exercise Course

The Sensor Placement - Practical Exercise Course is designed for installer setting up their first site.  This course requires the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of the Sensor Hardware Course
  • The student must be involved in a current new system installation project

This course is not like the majority of Academy courses.  This course is a structured way of evaluating the students real world design decisions.  The students will submit work and then it will be evaluated by Academy, Sales Engineering, and / or technical support departments for proper application of concepts.  Grades will not be immediate, the student should expect waiting several days from the time of submission to receive feedback.  The course is more of an apprenticeship than an academic program.

Course concepts will vary depending upon the real world application issues being implemented.  Course completion is required by new installers so they can be certified to independently install Inpixon Aware Systems in the future.  

Note: You can work on this course as a group, as long as you are installing the same site.  Be sure all students who are working together on the material are enrolled in the course so everyone gets credit.  All students must independently click on the link to have a certificate issued in order to receive credit for completing the course.  If you do not click on the certificate link at the end of the course you will not receive credit for the project's completion. 

Please complete all prerequisite work prior to beginning this course.

To be considered for admission to the course, please email me at